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For ultimate relaxation and a healthier you, we can help. The specialist massage therapists at Lotus Thai Massage are committed to your comfort and satisfaction. We look forward to welcoming you to our Thai Modern Relax, an escape from the stresses and strains of everyday life.  

Traditional Thai Massage

involves stretching and deep tissue massage. This form of bodywork is usually performed on the bed without oil

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Thai Combination Massage

is a treatment which integrates the elements of a Traditional Thai Massage combined with Swedish and Deep Tissue for a unique healing experience.

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Deep Tissue Massage

is designed to relieve severe tension in muscles and joints. The treatment focuses on the hard-working smaller, secondary muscles. Deep tissue massage is recommended for individuals who experience persistent pain, are involved in heavy physical activity and athletes with sports injuries.

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Swedish Massage

uses five styles of long, flowing techniques to massage. The five basic strokes are effleurage (sliding or gliding), petrissage (kneading), tapotement (rhythmic tapping), friction (cross fiber) and vibration/shaking.

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Foot Scrub

We scrub your feet for take all 

dead skin out in one time.

you will have new baby feet


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